Elementals: ready to go

We uploaded the built for Elementals: the Magic Key on App store. This is our first mobile game that we publish together with Stella Games, an Ukranian mobile game developer.

It will be ready for sale probably around middle June but it could be earlier, we are looking forward for it. We cannot wait to launch our first mobile game! We are thrilled and excited!
We believe that his game is fun, addictive and enjoyable for players. It is a hidden object game with a twist of brain games. In fact there are 7 chapters where a boy wizard tries to rescue his sister kidnapped by an evil mage. Each chapter you need to find objects, solve puzzles, fight against opponents using a Bejeweled style game.

There are a lot of different puzzles to solve like reassembly a broken image (like a mosaic), connect pipes to make things working again, color based puzzles but we do not want to anticipate too much!

Elementals will be completely free for the first two chapters, then if you like you can buy the entire game or chapter by chapter and we are sure players will like it!

Here some screenshots of the game!

And you can also watch a video about Elementals: here

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Mobile Games

Frankly there are too many mobile games out there. We read a statistic that around 70% of the revenues are gathered by the first 10 games.

This means that also if a lot of people thinks that developing mobile games is an easy way to do money and attract millions of players, that it is not really true. There a lot of mobile games that don’t even reach a critical mass of players. The only reason they are still online is the fact that differently from an online game, a mobile game has no cost after published (unless you do updates).

Therefore a lot of developers publish their game hoping for a strange combination of luck and skill. A Japanese game designer one time admitted honestly that he had no idea how to do a successful game, he was doing games then if those games were an hit, he would be happy: that’s it.

So when we begun to think which mobile games to develop, a first nightmare to deal with it was: are you going to do something new or something cloned from other successful games. We do not like the second option, nobody likes it, but it is more safe. You cannot have a big success (because the original game is still the successful game) but you can attract players used to that mechanism that want to still play the original one (but bored of that).

So we decide for original ones: we opened our secret drawers and our mind and we thought about some concepts that are really original, original for theme and gameplay.

Being original doesn’t mean being a good game but at least it is challenging and we love challenges and to be challenged.

We will go over details in the next posts, but a thing we must say: the first game we are developing right now is an original concept with a real original name. That name is Bullsh*t. At least if players don’t like the name they already know what to say!

Siege Online launched!

Yesterday we launched officially our first game: Siege Online.

Siege online history is quite complicated: the game has been developed for Russian speaking countries in 2010 and then licensed for English speaking territories last year to another company. Our management knew about Siege Online for a long time and they still think it can be really a hit. The main reason of that is because it is really different from any other MMO on the market. We are not speaking about the general structure of the game but about the combat which is usually the core of an MMORPG. For those reasons we approached the former publisher and we made a deal to acquire the license and relaunch again Siege online.

Someone can think that it is a “old” game, maybe it is but it is also a fresh air in the market.

It is funny, weird sometime (for instance how players do mining and hunting is really funny) and “different”.

Everyone say usually that his game (published or developed) is different: it is a key element to have success (frankly others think on the contrary that they key is to develop or publish clones of successful game but we do not). Why is it different? Because the combat is not simply a sequence of button to click but it is like a mini strategic game where the player manages and controls his entire army fighting against an enemy castle or an opponent army. Maybe in the long run this can be annoying because each combat is real a challenge but this is our bet. Siege Online is not for everyone but for players that love to be challenged

Enjoy the game



P.S. Thanks to our PR agency and all the portals that published our press release. We know that being a small start-up sometime is hard to be noticed but we received a really good press coverage and we are encouraged!

Blind or guided?

Every time you publish a game there is a big question: how much should I guide the users along the game? Players love to discover a new world, new features. But it is also true that with so many games on the market, players have more time to understand the complexity of a classical MMORPG and they want to understand if that one is the right game for them as soon as possible.

The old school probably dislikes to have all the game information available, the new MMO school on the contrary wants to have some guidelines at the start.

For Siege Online we decide a hybrid solution: we do not give everything but we want to give some directions to the users also to make them understanding how much Siege online is different from many of the MMORPG on the market

On the forum we published a section name Game Guide with a lot of information, check it out if you would like to understand if Siege online is right for you (or if you already play it, it will help you a lot)

Games now

What did Mousee Games do so far?

Our general goal is work with independent developers, so we did that. In fact we already acquired two online games licenses: Siege Online and Battle for Gea.

The first one is a Russian online MMO that has some unique features, the second one is an online collectible card game coming from Spain. Why those and not others?

Because we look always for something different and both games are different from all the others games in their market.

More details on both games will follow

Mousee Games

Where does the name Mousee games come from?

The story is simple somehow: one of the founder had a cat, a big black cat named Mousee. Why do you call a cat Mousee? Because the cat was adopted when she was 15 days and she was like a small mouse with big ears :).

So when the founders discussed about which name was the best one for the new company, it came in their mind that if there is an animal that plays all the time is the cat. But our games will be so socially involving that also the worst enemy of us will play with us. This is perfect! Let’s call the company Mousee: a big “cat like” company (now we are small but we hope to become big) so playful that we are going to play as cat also with the mouses!

That’s it folks

P.S. Yes, the cat on the background of our Twitter account is Mousee :)